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140ACO13000 Schneider Module 100% Original Package

TLU Technology Co., LTD

140ACO13000 Schneider Module 100% Original Package

Brand Name : Schneider

Model Number : 140ACO13000

Certification : Co,Coo

Place of Origin : France

MOQ : 1

Price : 88

Payment Terms : T/T, Western Union

Delivery Time : 1-3 working days

Packaging Details : 1 pc / box in a carton

Packaging : 100% Original Package

Country of Origin : France

Service : Good After Service

Lead time : IN STOCK

Warranty : 12 Months

Item Number : 140ACO13000

Manufactuer : Schneider

Shipping Location : Xiamen

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140ACO13000 Schneider Module 100% Original Package

We’ve built over a 100-year reputation for quality and innovation by applying leading-edge technology to our circuit breakers. It’s a dedication that sets new standards for circuit protection with superior levels of flexibility, repeatability, and reliability.

The complete Schneider Electric circuit breaker product portfolio includes options in three major categories:

• Molded case circuit breakers – includes our flagship PowerPact range of circuit breakers. Delivering a flexible, high-performance offering that is certified to global standards, yet still keeps selection and ordering simple. PowerPact circuit breakers incorporate many common design elements and provide unmatched flexibility through multiple configurations, operators, and standardized accessories.

• Power circuit breakers – includes the Masterpact line for high-performance industrial and OEM applications.

• Miniature circuit breakers – includes the QO, QOU, and the Multi 9™ line for unmatched flexibility in custom applications.


Q: What is the earliest time when you can make delivery?

A: We will make delivery once received your payment.

Q: If the product can't work, can it be returned?

A: We provide one year warranty.

Q: How easy is it to obtain items?

A: New are no longer continuously manufactured, and therefore supply is scarce.

However, we specialize in sourcing hard-to-find products, and although

the lead time varies, the average is between 5-7 business days.

Q: What is the typical price for the items?
A: Our company always gives customers excellent service and prices that

are highly competitive. Requirements for delivery and availability do affect pricing.

Main Brands

ARM55C ARM55C-000 3008 PR6426/010-140 CON021/916-240 CPU01 F60 FBM205
ARM55D 4000029-010 12P3270X022 VE4003S2B1 F1101 FBM211
ARM55T 3007 KJ3001X1-BJ1 12P0555X152 F2201 FBM202
ARM55W 4351B KJ1501X1-BB1 12P0678X032 F3113A FBM217
ARS15B NCM4320 VE4002S1T1B2 KJ3001X1-BG1 F3221 FCM10E
ARS15M 4000103-510 KJ3225X1-BA1 12P4174X042 F3236 FBMSVH
ARS55M 7400027-100 KJ4005X1-BC1 F3237 FBI10E P0972AJ
ASD143 2652-350 KJ3221X1-BA1 12P2531X102 F3322 FBM42 P0902XB
ASD533 9563-810 VE4003S5B1 KJ3002X1-BG2 F3330 FBM04 P0400YE
AS-F9391CD-0 4000042-310 KJ3203X1-BA1 12P3270X032 F3331 FBMSLT
ASI133 3805E VE4001S2T2B4 F3334 P0400DA FBM01
ASI533 255703 KJ3002X1-BC1 12P0681X092 F3417A P0400YC FBM02
ASR133 3000250-010 KJ4002X1-BF2 12P3866X012 F3423 P0400YD FBM03
AST143 219179 KJ3222X1-BA1 KJ4001X1-CA1 F4111A P0400YE FBM04
ATA4D-00 S2 TCM 4353 VE4006P2 KJ3241X1-BA1 F4204 P0400YG FBM06
AVR10D FSDO 7400159-030 KJ3221X1-BA1 12P2531X082 F6214 CM400YH FBM07
B9625EX 3401 SE4601T07 KL4201X1-BA1 F6217 CM400YK FBM09
CP333D 3510 PR6423/010-010 CON021 F6705 CM400YQ FBM14
CP345 3482 KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X092 F7105A FBM230
CP345 S1 3301 VE4002S1T2B2 KJ3202X1-BA1 F7126 FBM228
CP401-10 2551 7400058-110 EP204-I00-EN00 F7130 FBM217 P0914TR
CP451-10 2651 KJ3001X1-BA1 1290549X152 F7130A FBM242 P0916TA
CP451-10 S2 3504E KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X142 F7131 FBM201 P0914SQ
CP703 4000043-310 PCM-11 F7133 FCM2F10 P0916TQ
D0114RB 8111 KJ3002X1-BD1 12P1033X102 F7553 IPM2-P0904HA
EB401 3451 KJ4010X1-BF1 12P0831X062 F8621A P0913UU-OA/P0913UTR
EB402 3501E VE4003S2B1 12P3270X022 F8628X P0914M8B/P0913CX-OD
EB501 3481 KJ4001X1-CA1 F8641 P0913UG-OA/P0913UFA
EC401 2551 7400056-110 KJ3008X1-BA1 12P2293X052 F8650 P0913UTC/P0913UU-OA
EC401-10 S2 2553-300 PR6423/00R-101 CON031 F8650E P0914KJE/P0914KP-OA
F9340GE 2553 7400056-310 KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X072 H7506 P0913UU-OB/P0913UTD
EJA110A S1 7400078-100 EICM4107 KJ4001X1-NB1 12P3368X012 HIMA HIMatrix F35 P0914RCE
EJA120A 3201 KJ4002X1-BF2 12P3866X012 F1DI1601 P0913YN-OA
F9300AJ 4000042-125 KJ4006X1-BP1 F2DO1602 P0914HJB
AAP149-S00 3721 KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X122 F3AIO8/401 P0913XZF/P0913YA-OA
AAP849 3625C1 PR6423/000-031 F3DIO20/802 P0914RD-OC
AAP849-S00 4351B KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X122 F3DIO8/801 030340D/SY-0303440
AAR145 AO 3481 S2 KJ3204X1-BA1 12P3275X032 F60DI3201 SY-0303440E/SY-0303440
PW302 3503E EN-204 EN-204-00-000 F60DIO24/1601 P0914RWB
CP345 3006 KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X062 F60GEH01 P0973G6P0D
AIP532 3721 KJ3204X1-BK1 SE4002S1T2B6 F60PS01 RH923YUOB
AIP502 3625 KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X032 K9202 RH973GNOC
AIP601 3805E VE4002S1T2B4 KJ3202X1-BA1 K9202B P09145XREVD
CP461 3008 12P2532X092 KJ3222X1-BA1 K9203 L0122DFUSF20120117
AAM11 4210 KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X072 K9203A 0303383D
SB301 8312 KJ3203X1-BA1 Z7116 P0926MQOD
AAT145 8111 KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X152 Z7126 PH916TBOA
AAT145-S00 9563 3000510-380 KJ3002X1-BA1 12P0680X122 Z7127 P0915GBE
AAV141 9562 3000520-390 KJ3221X1-BA1 12P2531X142 Z7128 0303440C
AAV141-S00 3008 KJ2003X1-BB1 Z7138 P0650CAOC

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China 140ACO13000 Schneider Module 100% Original Package wholesale

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